Monday, September 6, 2010

Ms. chacha

Meet Ms. Cha cha.  She originally started out life as a baby of a stray cat that my mom wittingly trapped inside the house for the purpose of us spaying her.  Cha cha is our family cat and more like a daughter. 

We gave her away to a neighbor's daughter but she couldn't take of her so she let Cha loose to wander the streets.  Cha cha was crying (meowing) outside in our next door neighbors yard when we saw her.  She looked confused and lost.  She then saw my mom and me standing in the yard and she became ecstatic.  She ran to us and tried to get through the chain link fence but of course couldn't.  She tried to push her way through so I went around to the neighbor's yard and picked her up.  She is a very lucky cat.  She was born with 7 toes on her front feet which is believed to be by some people a lucky trait.  And her birthday is 03-03-03 which falls on Girl's day in Japan.  On this day mothers and fathers dress their daughters up and take them to the Buddhist temples for a celebration.  What a fitting day for her to be born on.

She is also talented.  My mom taught her to 'shake hands', sit, lay down and to answer her own name and can understand Japanese and English.  Whew, that's alot for a stray.  She has also been in the local 'The View', a weekly publish section of our local newspaper in the section for pets.  She also was published in the 'National Examiner' with a little background story about her.  She is not only talented but a working girl. 
(This is the published pic)

But after all this, she is still a part of our family.  Almost like another daughter, albeit a spoiled one.  :)

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